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DuPont: Ageing Asia creating vast potential but infant formula 'challenging for manufacturers'

DuPont is developing concepts to serve both seniors and children in Asia. ©iStock

DuPont is targeting innovation at both ends of the age spectrum as it seeks to meet the vast needs of Asia's ageing societies, while also helping infant formula firms overcome considerable pricing and regulatory challenges.

More manufacturers in APAC are working on formula that mimics human breast milk. ©iStock

APAC's on trend infant formula ingredients revealed as manufacturers drive digestive health benefits

The treatment successfully cured children who had a peanut allergy. ©iStock

Cure for peanut allergy imminent thanks to Australian scientists

Oxidative stress may not be affected by daily activity and by antioxidant nutrition intake. ©iStock

No link between vitamin and antioxidant intake and asthma status: Japan RCT

An oral rice-based vaccine could safely and effectively treat conjunctivitis. ©iStock

Edible rice seed 'vaccine' could provide a remedy for hay fever symptoms: Study

The two probiotic strains were previously found to reduce the risk of diarrhoea. ©iStock

Probiotics' positive effect on infant diarrhoea risk may be due to SCFA response: Indian study

Photo © Jeff Leach

Ghosts of our African guts: What traditional hunter-gatherers can teach us about gut health

Insufficient levels of vitamin D could lead to a higher risk of developing asthma. ©iStock

Vitamin D deficiency linked to higher risk of asthma in children: Korean study

Phloretin is found in the fruit, leaves and bark of apple trees. ©iStock

Bioactive flavonoid from apple trees eases asthma symptoms: Taiwan study

Danone India's Rodrigo Lima

DHA and ARA rule change crucial for Danone’s Indian expansion drive

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