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The four key health concerns driving Chinese consumers to spend more on functional foods

Sports nutrition is one of the key drivers of China's functional product sector. ©iStock

Demand for functional food and drink has shot up in APAC, particularly in China, where 80% of the population claims to want to make their diets more healthy. And four key health concerns are driving sales.

Despite previous studies linking vitamin D deficiency to TB, no strong evidence of this was found in young children. ©iStock

No proven link between vitamin D deficiency and latent TB in young children: Indonesian study

Oxidative stress may not be affected by daily activity and by antioxidant nutrition intake. ©iStock

No link between vitamin and antioxidant intake and asthma status: Japan RCT

Vitamin E consumption has been shown to help reduce the risk of lung cancer. ©iStock

Higher dietary vitamin E intake can reduce lung cancer risk: Chinese meta-analysis

The product is based on Plant & Food Research science that suggests Boysenberry consumption can manage lung inflammation.

New Zealand natural ingredients to be ‘fast-tracked’ to international launch

Insufficient levels of vitamin D could lead to a higher risk of developing asthma. ©iStock

Vitamin D deficiency linked to higher risk of asthma in children: Korean study

Zinc lozenges effectively help treating common colds. ©iStock

Common cold cure? Zinc lozenges cut illness duration by a third

Phloretin is found in the fruit, leaves and bark of apple trees. ©iStock

Bioactive flavonoid from apple trees eases asthma symptoms: Taiwan study

Feficiency of vitamins A, D, and E was positively correlated with RRTI occurrence. ©iStock

Vitamin A, D and E deficiency linked to repeat colds and flu in Chinese children: Case control study

This was the first study to assess the anti-inflammatory properties of the fungus, according to researchers in Taiwan. ©iStock

Anti-inflammatory properties of Asian fungus alleviates lung injury, mouse study reveals

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