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Calcium insufficiency leads to late-stage breast cancer tumour cell growth

Calcium insufficiency can worsen late-stage breast cancer. ©iStock

Inadequate dietary calcium intake accelerates the growth of late-stage breast cancer tumour cells, according to a study on mice.

The Japanese nutraceutical firm has touted its astaxanthin's anti-ageing benefits. ©iStock

Astaxanthin supplementation offers anti-ageing skincare potential: AstaReal study

Resveratrol could be beneficial for endometriosis patients. ©iStock

Resveratrol a safe and effective option for endometriosis treatment: Review

The control group received general nutrition screening, guidelines, a recommended diet and fixed meal times. ©iStock

Reversing weight loss and malnutrition in cancer patients: The benefits of a multidisciplinary approach

Researchers say more studies are needed to assess the effect of vitamin D on the condition. ©iStock

Pre-eclampsia and supplementation: Insufficient evidence that vitamin D reduces risk

Omega-3 deficiency is associated with prenatal depression. ©iStock

Low omega-3 levels linked to prenatal depression: Taiwan study

Vitamin D deficiency affects bone metabolism in expectant mothers and their babies. ©iStock

Bone metabolism in women of reproductive age affected by vitamin D deficiency

Chinese Malaysian women with PMO require vitamin D3 supplementation. ©iStock

Vitamin D supplementation 'essential' for Chinese osteoporosis patients in South East Asia: Study

An Indian study has found that maternal vitamin D deficiency does not affect babies' cognitive function. ©iStock

Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy does not affect babies’ cognitive function: Indian study

Quatrefolic has been approved as a food additive in South Korea. ©iStock

Folate-based food additive officially approved by South Korean food and drug ministry

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