Kiwi supplement firm secures exclusive boysenberry supply deal ahead of China product launch

Boysenberry consumption may improve lung function by reducing symptoms of airway inflammation.

New Zealand supplement firm Anagenix has secured an exclusive supply deal with Boysenberries New Zealand Ltd (BNZL), the largest marketer of boysenberries worldwide.

The agreement comes ahead of the China launch of a beverage containing BerriQi — a boysenberry-based ingredient aimed at preventing inflammation-mediated changes in lung tissue.

BNZL was formed in 1989 and is a grower-owned co-operative that promotes and manages the growing of boysenberries.

This agreement has been in the works for 12 months, and follows research from Anagenix and Plant & Food Research, a New Zealand Crown Research Institute, on boysenberries and lung health.

Last year we reported how a study from the organisation claimed that regular boysenberry consumption may improve lung function by reducing symptoms associated with inflammation of the airways.

Anagenix MD Chris Johnson said: “Toxic particles we inhale every day can cause the walls of the air sacs (alveoli) in your lungs to become thick, stiff and scarred from inflammation. BerriQi consumption helps to reduce allergy-induced lung inflammation and reduces mucous production, which should help lead to an improvement in breathing.

“Pollution is a widespread problem and Boysenberry is a small crop by comparison. This exclusive supply arrangement with BNZL will ensure sustainability and supply of BerriQi to countries that are facing the daily onslaught of pollution, such as China.”

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