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China cross-border e-commerce rules extension a major business boost for industry

Cross border e-commerce sales have been soaring for supplement firms. ©iStock

Supplement and food firms operating in China’s booming cross border e-commerce market have been buoyed by a year-long extension of the existing trade laws, which were due to be replaced on January 1.

The First Thousand Days paper assessed a broad range of factors on child development. ©iStock

Nutrition one of most 'significant individual factors' for child development in first 1,000 days: Comprehensive evidence paper

© iStock

Young Living fined for using illegally sourced essential oils, highlighting issue of supply chain transparency

One million people are forecast to have diabetes in Singapore by 2030. ©iStock

Singapore’s war on diabetes: $5 screening test latest weapon in the armoury

Supplements seized: UK and Dutch authorities capture DNP and steroid supplements

Supplements seized: UK and Dutch authorities capture DNP and steroid supplements


The death of diet foods? EU Parliament approve laws that could 'wipe out' very low calorie diet products

The new rules have been welcomed by trade body CMA. ©iStock

New Australia supplement laws edge closer with publication of draft bill

Labelling laws in China for health foods imported via e-commerce will likely become stricter. ©iStock

Chinese authorities to impose stricter labelling laws on health foods imported via e-commerce?

A lack of knowledge has led to athletes in India taking prohibited over-the-counter supplements. ©iStock

'Better education and tighter labelling laws' needed to stop sports doping in India

Foreign health food firms in China often find their trademarks being "squatted" by local distribuotrs. ©iStock

Avoiding squatters and copycats: What foreign health food firms must know about IP rights in China

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