Probiotics and obesity: Consumption of Yakult’s Shirota strain aids weight loss in children

Yakult's Shirota strain aids weight loss in children.

Yakult’s probiotic strain Shirota (LcS) aids weight loss while also improving lipid metabolism in obese children, according to a new pilot study.

DuPont is developing concepts to serve both seniors and children in Asia. ©iStock

DuPont: Ageing Asia creating vast potential but infant formula 'challenging for manufacturers'

NZMP is reporting growing interest in sports nutrition in Japan.

Tokyo Olympics spurring dairy protein demand in Japan as wider region anticipates double-digit growth

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APAC's on trend infant formula ingredients revealed as manufacturers drive digestive health benefits

The firm also hopes to receive self-approved GRAS status in the US.

Halal status raises Morinaga's sales hopes for immunity-boosting Lactobacillus strain

The study used a probiotic strain developed and trademarked by Chr. Hansen. ©iStock

Cholesterol dip? Probiotics have no impact on lipid profile, finds study

Layn wants to introduce its monk fruit extract to Japan and Europe. ©iStock

Chinese supplier aiming to bring monk fruit-based sweetener to Japan and Europe

Lactobacillus supplementation was also found to weaken an oxidative stress marker in breast milk. ©iStock

Probiotic supplementation heightens breast milk antioxidant levels: RCT

Image credit: Yoba - Fermented Food for Life Project. IDRC/Bartay

Yoba-For-Life leads the way for ‘generic’ probiotics for health & wealth in Africa

The CFDA has approved ta second batch of infant formula manufacturers and products. ©iStock

More manufacturers approved under new Chinese infant formula rules

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