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Nutrition one of most 'significant individual factors' for child development in first 1,000 days: Comprehensive evidence paper

The First Thousand Days paper assessed a broad range of factors on child development. ©iStock

The most significant individual factors in the first 1,000 days of a child's life that influence health and development relate to nutrition, substance use and the experience of significant stress, according to a wide-ranging Australian evidence paper.

Despite TCM's popularity and long history, many remain sceptical of its benefits. ©iStock

Q-markers required to affirm beneficial effects of TCM, say Chinese researchers

The deal follow extensive research into the link between the brain and the gut microbiome. ©iStock

UK's OptiBiotix and Taiwan's Bened Biomedical unite for ‘psychobiotic’ expansion

Finisngs showed that among mild asthmatics, vitamin E reduced sputum eosinophils and mucins – both markers of airway inflammation. ©iStock

Steroid-free asthma hope? Vitamin E holds anti-inflammation promise: Human Trial

The herbal mixture is said to lower blood glucose and insulin resistance. ©iStock

TCM herbal extract mixture helps lower diabetes risk: Chinese mouse study

More than half the study's respondents said they knew the difference between HDL and LDL cholesterol. ©iStock

Kiwis disregarding the impact of diet choices on cholesterol

Supplements like omega-3 and prebiotics were found to benefit acute pancreatitis patients. ©iStock

Supplementation and acute pancreatitis: Review reveals potential for 'promising treatment outcomes'

Kefir is said to be able to improve sports performance. ©iStock

APAC consumer understanding of how probiotics aid sports nutrition on the rise

Increases in cholesterol due to vitamin D supplements may be a health concern, claims Dr. Anuradha Khadilkar. ©iStock

Sunshine or supplements? Cholesterol concerns must be considered with vitamin D, says expert

More manufacturers in APAC are working on formula that mimics human breast milk. ©iStock

APAC's on trend infant formula ingredients revealed as manufacturers drive digestive health benefits

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