Kiwis disregarding the impact of diet choices on cholesterol

More than half the study's respondents said they knew the difference between HDL and LDL cholesterol. ©iStock

People in New Zealand need to be more aware of how increasing polyunsaturated fats, dietary fibre, and plant sterols in their diets can help cut cholesterol.

Australian children are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables. ©iStock

More nutrients, less energy needed to tackle childhood obesity: Australian analysis

The new rules have been welcomed by trade body CMA. ©iStock

New Australia supplement laws edge closer with publication of draft bill

The research showed higher concentrations of defensins in the gut tissues of the avocado-fed rats. ©iStock

Avocados could be good for gut health: New Zealand research

Blackmores former CEO Christine Holgate stepped down to head Australia Post.

Blackmores' full-year profits slump by 42%, but firm bullish over China recovery

WGFE was shown to help increase strength, but not in men experienced in regular resistance training. ©iStock

Whey growth factor extract fails to increase muscle strength in experienced resistance trainers: RCT

The treatment successfully cured children who had a peanut allergy. ©iStock

Cure for peanut allergy imminent thanks to Australian scientists

Vitamin D could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. ©iStock

Australian study affirms vitamin D’s ability to lower type 2 diabetes risk

The evidence for barley's clood cholesterol benefits was 'moderate'.  ©iStock

Regulator queries high level health claim for beta-glucan and cholesterol in Australia and New Zealand

Supplement regulations in Australia are set for a shake-up. ©iStock

OPINION: “Once in a generation” chance to improve Australia’s supplement laws

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